Saving a Songbird ~ Adventures from the Last Century

Two Memoirs by Two Brothers: True Stories from Texas to Venezuela

In 2012 Slough Press published Jerry Craven's Saving a Songbird, a collection of stories drawn 
from real life, from the eternal landscape of the human heart. The stories read like works of fiction, but they are all true, so none of the names have been changed to protect the innocent or the guilty.

In 2013 Angelina River Press published Carl Craven's Adventures from the Last Century, his memoirs that cover some of the same incidents found in his younger brother's book, though each book has its own stories. Carl's memoir is in the tradition of the oral story teller, and this book is a masterful performance in storytelling. 
                                Find out more about Carl's book here.

Both books are available from, Barnes& or the bookstore of your choice, local or on-line.

     “Today,” Craven writes in the preface to his memoir, “the events recounted in these writings jolt with alien strangeness, but when I was a child the incidents felt normal enough, for the bizarre people who acted them out were prosaic relatives and neighbors, and the now-exotic landscapes were the essence of everyday experience. Today these people seem the stuff of fiction, so I found it easy to write these stories about them—stories that look like fiction but are not.”
Cover painting by Tommy Humphrey


Cover painting by Tommy Humphrey



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