Saving a Songbird

The press that published Saving a Songbird, Slough Press, has published fine literature for 40 years

Jerry Craven is author of 24 published books

Jerry Craven's early life was spent in Texas (Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, and Port Arthur) and in various towns in Venezuela: El Tigreto, San tomé, Cantaura, and Puerto la Cruz, places that show up in the stories in Saving a Songbird.

He has published books of fiction, creative nonfiction, children's books, and poetry. A member of the Texas Institute of Letters, he has taught literature and creative writing for seven universities in three countries. After a career that took him to other parts of Texas and to other continents, he returned to the Big Thicket region of East Texas, making his home in Jasper Country.

Currently he serves as press director for

    Lamar University Press

    Ink Brush Press

and is editor-in-chief or the literary e-zine

     Amarillo Bay

 His latest books are

    Tiger, Tiger 

    Searching for Rama's Spear

    The Big Thicket  

    Becoming Others 


Jerry Craven's website

He also has academic credentials


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